JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems


During this decade NPO PM continued pursuing a strategy of developing satellite systems for communications, broadcasting, navigation and geodetic applications. The company built and launched a great number of satellites of the Strela, Molniya. Raduga, Ekran and Gorizont series. In 1981 a next-generation Geo-IK satellite was placed into orbit. A space-based system consisting of satellites of this type, helped create two geocentric models of the Earth’s field, obtain more detailed information about its shape, establish a global astronomic and geodetic network.

Successful launch of a navigation satellite Glonass into the medium Earth orbit in 1982 put a new spin on space navigation. This event laid the foundations for the formation of the GLONASS global satellite navigation system which would later rightfully become a source of national pride in Russia.

In the 1980s the company made noticeable progress in the field of satellite data-relaying. In 1982 the Potok satellite was launched into orbit. And three years later the first data-relay satellite of the Loutch series was put into orbit. The two satellites embodied a large number of leading-edge solutions and technologies and, in fact, were ahead of their time.