JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Pneumoautomatics and thermal control subsystem devices

The Industrial Center designs and manufactures a wide range of devices that are part of satellites’ subsystems. These devices undergo the whole cycle of verification tests on the ground and also get flight tested while operating aboard ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites in space.

Attitude and orbit control subsystem devices:

  • xenon feed device;
  • metallic composite xenon tank;
  • gas feed unit;
  • thruster unit;
  • reducing electric valve.

Thermal control subsystem devices:

  • thermoregulator;
  • hydraulic coupler;
  • volume compensator;
  • heat pipes;
  • electric pump unit;
  • flat heaters;
  • regulation valve;
  • multilayer insulation.

All these solutions are valued on their high specific characteristics (technical parameters with respect to the mass). The Industrial Center is capable of delivering customized devices that would meet specific customer needs. Modern production and test facilities available at the Industrial Center enable it to assure high quality of devices made here, and, additionally, carry out all the necessary test procedures.