JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Separation systems

The Industrial Center has amassed considerable expertise developing and making separation systems used aboard all types of ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites: on small satellites having a mass of less than 50 kilograms as well as on heavy ones whose mass exceeds 4 tonnes. All these devices have been successfully flown aboard the company’s satellites many times.

Unified design solutions such as locking pins, spring pushers and pyro devices help customize original designs of separation devices in accordance with weight-balance characteristics and mechanical interfaces of a certain satellite.

Depending on the satellite orbit emplacement scenario – single or group (cluster, tandem or “piggy back”) launch scheme, the adapter systems can vary greatly in design:

  • conical adapter made of high-modulus carbon fiber;
  • boron-aluminum tube truss structure;
  • cylindrical section: thin aluminum skin and structural rings;
  • adapter made of composite sandwich panels.

All separation devices designed and developed by the Industrial Center of Large-Sized Foldable Mechanical Systems go through the whole ground test cycle, including autonomous tests and tests within satellites’ engineering qualification model.