JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Solar arrays

Working hand in hand with Russian producers of solar cells, the Industrial Center of Large-Sized Foldable Mechanical Structures delivers foldable solar arrays on a turn-key basis, which are capable of generating up to 25 kW of power.

ISS-Reshetnev designs and makes mechanical devices used in solar arrays which enable to:

  • fix in start position two to seven solar array panels in one solar array wing and drive them into operating position;
  • - lay out and assemble solar cells with total area of 20 to 100 m2.

The solar array frames have a creatively different “semi-rigid” structure: their frames consist of high-modulus composite carbon fiber tubes and string substrate made of dimensionally stable composite cords. This solution helps obtain good mass characteristics (up to 1.5 kg/m2), considerably increase the efficiency of solar cells (through lowering their temperature) and also improve their resistance to electrostatic breakdown.

Unified design solutions for solar array frames, booms, hinge joints and locking pins enable easy adaptation of base designs to specific characteristics of satellites’ mechanical interfaces.

At the Industrial Center, there are four specialized deployment test benches that enable the company to perform simultaneous deployment testing of four solar array wings, each measuring up to 50m2.

Designed and manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company, solar array mechanical devices have considerable flight heritage accumulated onboard the company’s satellites and a number of spacecraft built by other Russian aerospace companies.