JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Testing facilities

ISS‑Reshetnev’s unique test facilities enable all types of ground experimental testing to be conducted on satellites and their parts. As a result, there is no need for sending satellites out to other companies’ facilities – all the required tests are performed in-house and so satellites leave ISS‑Reshetnev’s site to be transported directly to the cosmodrome. All these efforts help the company shorten production times and offer more cost-effective solutions. Satellites are tested at every stage of their development and construction: first of all their components, parts and assemblies are tested individually, then satellites undergo verification at the system level and finally complete, already assembled and integrated satellites are subjected to an extensive test program. Such an approach helps the company ensure high quality and reliability of satellites it builds and guarantee their long mission lives.

ISS-Reshetnev’s wide range of satellite testing facilities and equipment includes the following:

  • cryogenic and vacuum systems (volumes of 400 and 120 m3) and a horizontal vacuum chamber (volume of 600 m3) for thermal vacuum and thermal balance tests;
  • vibration test benches for simulating vibration loads that satellites experience during launch;
  • an acoustic chamber for verifying satellites’ ability to withstand the extreme noise under the rocket’s fairing during launch;
  • a test bench for simulating transportation loads that satellites are exposed to during their journey to the launch site;
  • a zero gravity simulation test bench for testing the deployment of satellites’ foldable systems;
  • a test bench for electrical testing of satellites;
  • an anechoic chamber for electromagnetic compatibility testing of satellites.