JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Production facilities

By having built state-of-the-art production facilities enabling to apply the most recent advances in science and modern satellite technologies to the process of building satellites, ISS-Reshetnev Company secures its place among world’s leading satellite providers. ISS‑Reshetnev’s vast production facilities include numerous mechanical, instrument and assembly, galvanochemical and varnish coating deposition workshops.

The company’s production capabilities are supported by more than 1000 pieces of special-purpose and general engineering equipment. New machines are purchased on a regular basis, while the already existing ones undergo modernization. A large part of equipment and facilities available at ISS-Reshetnev are custom-made.

ISS‑Reshetnev’s diverse production facilities are one of the key factors that enable to company to offer highly competitive products as well as implement and further develop advanced satellite manufacturing technologies, including:

  • manufacture of sandwich panels (honeycomb core between aluminum or carbon fiber face sheets);
  • manufacture of structures and parts made of polymer composite materials;
  • deposition of film coatings with optical and radio reflective properties using a magnetron sputtering method;
  • design and manufacture of three dimensional on-board harness subsystems for satellites;
  • deposition of galvanochemical and varnish coatings;
  • development and manufacture of power conditioning units;
  • development and manufacture of thermal control subsystems based on two-phase loops for use on high-power satellites;
  • manufacture of waveguides.