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ISS-Reshetnev organizes a joint exposition of Russian space companies at CeBIT 2011

At this year’s International Exhibition CeBIT 2011 being held in Hannover, Germany on 1-5 March, the renowned Siberian satellite manufacturer ISS-Reshetnev is taking part not only as an exhibitor but also as an organizer of a joint exposition of Russian space companies.

CeBIT is the world’s main event in the international information and communications technology industry and a venue of talks between the industry’s leaders and their customers. This year, to commemorate Man’s first flight into space, CeBIT organizers have focused on the subject of space.

At CeBIT-2011 the Reshetnev Company, Russia’s leading satellite manufacturer, is presenting an integrated exposition organized jointly with its industrial partners: Lavochkin Association, Fakel, Izhevskiy radiozavod, NPO PM-Razvitie and Testing Technical Center-NPO PM.

At CeBIT-2011 ISS-Reshetnev is demonstrating the global community its latest achievements in the GLONASS system. The heart of the company’s exposition is a full-size model of the next-generation GLONASS-K satellite, the company’s recent breakthrough in navigation satellite technology. As well as that, ISS is showcasing other satellite models, such as Glonass-M, Loutch-5A, AMOS-5, Express-AM5 and Gonets-M.

The ISS-Reshetnev program of work at CeBIT 2011 is very intensive and includes numerous business meetings and presentations.

Within the framework of CeBIT-2011, ISS-Reshetnev is also organizing a conference devoted to the most topical issues in satellite manufacturing as well as international cooperation in this field. Representatives of Russian and foreign aerospace companies have been invited to participate in the ISS-hosted conference.

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