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Summer holidays for children of ISS-Reshetnev employees

ISS-Reshetnev Company is offering its employees an opportunity to organize recreational activities for their children during summer holidays.

ISS-Reshetnev employees having children aged 7-15 years will be able to become part of the summer camp cost compensation program run by the company – this year the list of camps for the first time will include not only camps located in Zheleznogorsk, but those in any other city of Russia as well. The upper limit of compensation for one child’s vacation package is estimated at 14 700 roubles. As of June 1, 2018 more than 20 ISS-Reshetnev employees have already applied for this camp cost compensation program.

Additionally, ISS-Reshetnev Company as usual provides to its employees vacation packages to Zheleznogorsk-based summer camps Orbita and Gorniy at a reduced price. This summer 335 children will have an opportunity to spend their time in Orbita or Gorniy.

ISS-Reshetnev employees with their children can also improve their health and have fun together – at the company’s own health care and recreation center Zvezdniy. Packages at reduced process are available to ISS-Reshetnev employees and their family members.