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EUTELSAT delegation at ISS-Reshetnev

ISS-Reshetnev welcomes EUTELSAT

The delegation of the European satellite operator EUTELSAT has arrived at ISS-Reshetnev to jointly summarize results of the SESAT satellite program.

Since its launch, conducted on April 18, 2000, the SESAT telecommunications satellite has been performing its mission successfully, providing communications, digital television broadcasting and Internet services in Europe, the Middle East, Eastern and Central Siberia. 10 years after the satellite launch, EUTELSAT, the satellite operator and ISS- Reshetnev, the satellite manufacturer, met in Siberia to sum up the results of the SESAT program.

During their visit, representatives of the French Mission Control Center had a number of working meetings over the satellite operational status and lifetime predictions. It was mentioned, that owing to the professionalism and solid expertise of the Reshetnev team the SESAT satellite had demonstrated consistent performance and reliability over the whole service life and was continuing its mission successfully in the interests of the customer.

According to Nikolay Testoedov, General Designer and Director General, SESAT embodies the best national and Western technologies. It combines different approaches and different satellite building philosophies. The project success gave a start to fruitful international cooperation between Russian and European companies, and thus, laid the foundations of win-win partnerships and development.