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URSC visits ISS-Reshetnev

Procurement specialists from the United Rocket and Space Corporation visited ISS-Reshetnev Company.

URSC representatives held several meetings and were taken on a tour of ISS-Reshetnev’s production facilities, where the guests were brought up to date on the projects currently underway at the company.

The key issues covered at the meetings between ISS-Reshetnev and URSC included but were not limited to the following: interaction between manufacturers and suppliers, quality assurance systems and storage requirements for satellite components. Procurement and supply management is crucial to assuring reliability of satellites and other space technology products, since the key difficulties lie in the large number of components and suppliers involved. So, for example, more than 3 000 components and other products are delivered to ISS-Reshetnev every month, with the number of suppliers reaching 1 000. Over its 55 years, the Reshetnev Company has accumulated solid experience in this field, so the meeting participants had a lot to discuss and had a highly constructive dialogue.

Commenting on the results achieved during the visit, Alexander Zaytsev, URSC deputy director general for procurement, said, “Above all, we are pleasantly surprised by the fact that the company has automated its procurement processes. It’s a very important factor, but unfortunately not all companies pursue this strategy.”

URSC specialists visit Russia’s aerospace companies to collect information and, having analyze it, implement best practices at all enterprises that are part of the recently formed corporation.

The United Rocket and Space Corporation (URSC) was established in accordance with a presidential decree issued by President Vladimir Putin on December 2, 2013. The corporation’s mission is to bring profound changes and reforms to Russia’s rocket and aerospace industry as a whole and to its currently existing production methods and practices. URSC is to comprise a number of state-owned organizations, including ten integrated corporate structures (ISS-Reshetnev Company is among them) and 14 enterprises – eight joint-stock companies and six federal state unitary enterprises (after their corporatization). The federal government owns 100 percent of URSC.