JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

SATRUS 2012: discussing the development of satellite communications

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is participating in the 17th Annual Conference of Operators and Users of the Russian Federation Satellite Telecommunications Network, SATRUS 2012, which is held

ISS-Reshetnev takes part in the conference as a primary sponsor. SATRUS is the largest national platform for discussing trends in the development of satellite communications and broadcasting as well as issues concerning domestic and international cooperation in this field. Particular attention is paid to VSAT technologies and equipment, opportunities of using Ka-band and financial aspects of satellite business.

At this event the Reshetnev Company was represented by Vasiliy Popov, deputy general designer at spacecraft general engineering department. He presented a report “Prospects of improving efficiency of communications satellites based on platforms of the Express-1000H and Express-2000 series” in the session titled “Satellite communications’ role in the program for modernization and technological development of Russia”. Giving a talk on this topic, Vasiliy Popov told about recent achievements and developments of the Reshetnev Company in this field. He said that ISS-Reshetnev aimed to further improve performance of these platforms. He also expanded on the theme of providing more capacity to satellite payloads. According to Vasiliy Popov, today ISS-Reshetnev considers a possibility of using electric propulsion engine to transfer spacecraft to their nominal orbit. This approach will enable the company to build satellites with increased mass which could be accommodated by existing launching vehicles, and therefore provide more resources for payload. As a result, it will help boost satellites’ capacity and competitiveness in the marketplace.

Within the framework of the SATRUS 2012 conference there is an exhibition area where the companies can demonstrate their products and services. ISS-Reshetnev showcases a model of the advanced telecommunications spacecraft Express-AM5, which is currently under construction at the enterprise for the national operator Russian Satellite Communications Company.