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Glonass-M successfully delivered in orbit

Three Glonass-M navigation satellites manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev were successfully launched today from the Baikonur Cosmodrome.

Satellite cluster №40 comprised of three Glonass-M spacecraft №31, 32, 35 was delivered into the final orbit by a Proton-M/DM launcher. The manufacturer ISS-Reshetnev is now working with the satellites in space, providing technical support by means of its information computation complex for the Satellite Mission Control Center of the Ministry of Defence located in Krasnoznamensk. Telemetry data received during the first communication session confirmed the active status of all three satellites’ systems.

As soon as the correction phase is over, the satellites will become fully operational to serve the GLONASS orbital constellation. Their missions are scheduled to start by April, 2010.