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50th anniversary of the Mechanical Plant

50th anniversary of the Mechanical Plant

ISS-Reshetnev Company celebrated 50 years since the foundation of its production and testing facilities.

The company held a special event on the occasion of the anniversary to honour ISS-Reshetnev’s long-service employees and former employees who had made significant contribution to the early years of the Mechanical Plant when its production and testing facilities were at the initial stage of development. They shared their memories of those formative times, provided personal insights on how the plant had been founded and developed in the following years. Speaking at the meeting, Eugeniy Patrayev, Deputy general director – Head of production at ISS-Reshetnev, stressed the important role of the shop workers in the successful implementation of satellite projects.

The Mechanical Plant was established in 1970 to provide the Design Bureau of Applied Mechanics (today – ISS-Reshetnev Company) with the production facilities necessary to manufacture various products designed and developed by its specialists. By that time, the Design Bureau of Applied Mechanics had managed to launch into orbit its first communication, navigation and geodetic satellites with a view of further building satellite-based systems for various applications.

Within a short time, the Mechanical Plant set up production of complex parts, assemblies and onboard instruments for satellites, and stepped up to the assembly and ground testing of those products. Production and testing shops of the Mechanical Plant form the core of today’s ISS-Reshetnev facilities. Owing to its 12 shops and more than 2400 production units and equipment items, the company is capable of building competitive, advanced satellites and a wide array of associated products both for government and commercial customers.

In order to celebrate the occasion, 57 ISS-Reshetnev employees were presented honorary awards of the Cosmonautics Federation of Russia and local government authorities in recognition of their professional achievements, engagement and commitment to the company.

The Mechanical Plant was established on February 23, 1970 in accordance with the order issued by the Ministry of General Engineering “On the organization of a Krasmash Plant branch in Krasnoyarsk-26 using production facilities №5 and №6”. The plant was subordinated to Mikhail Reshetnev, head of the Design Bureau of Applied Mechanics. Anatoliy Mitrofanov was appointed director of the new plant. In 1977 the Design Bureau of Applied Mechanics and the Mechanical Plant merged to make one large entity – the Scientific and Production Association of Applied Mechanics.