JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

New workshop at the JSC “ISS”

The delegation of the Russian Chemical-Engineering University (RCEU) named after D. Mendeleyev (Moscow) visited the JSC “Information Satellite Systems”.

During the visit, the tendency of interaction on development a project of a new electroplating-chemical workshop is considered. The decision of building the workshop was made by the leadership of Reshetnev Company. The building of the workshop will allow the JSC “ISS” combining practically all production sections that are located at its area, where galvanic and paintwork activities are being performed. The new building will fully meet all modern safety requirements, as well as utilization, regeneration, and neutralization of particularly dangerous substances. The building of the workshop will also allow equipment replacing, and new technologies implementation. Besides, with the transfer of galvanic and paintwork activities to a new workshop, spare areas will be cleared for expansion of other productions, for example, mechano-processing and test ones.

During the visit to the JSC “ISS”, representatives of the RCEU familiarized with galvanic-chemical production of the enterprise and discussed the issues of directive engineering processes, planning and equipment that is necessary for the new workshop. The parties achieved an agreement that the University jointly with the JSC “Sibpromproekt” will participate in development of technological part of the project and waste disposal plant, including the systems of neutralization, refining and utilization of used electrolyte.

The building of the workshop will be carried out in the frame of the Federal Program. The finance of the building will be implemented from the State budget. New project development and its examination are expected to be completed before the end of 2008. The building will last not more than three years.