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Glonass-M successfully delivered into orbit

Three Glonass-M navigation satellites manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev were successfully launched in cluster №42 on

The three spacecraft (№ 36, 37, 38) were delivered into circular orbit by a Proton-M/DM launcher from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Nikolay Testoedov, General Designer and Director General of ISS-Reshetnev, the only company that develops and manufactures navigation spacecraft for the GLONASS system, was also present at the launch. ‘This launch is the penultimate step towards the deployment of a complete Glonass constellation. The next three Glonass-M satellites are to be launched at the end of this year to form a fleet of 24 operational satellites plus reserves”, said Nikolay Testoedov.

The spacecraft launch went off according to plan. The first communication session was also a success. With the mechanical systems deployed and all other satellite subsystems functioning properly, the spacecraft were programmed for their target missions. The satellites are being controlled by the Satellite Mission Control Center of the Ministry of Defence located in Krasnoznamensk. The Reshetnev Company is providing technical assistance through its Information Computation Complex.

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is the prime contractor for the development of the GLONASS space-based navigation complex, including Glonass satellites and the ground control segment.

Work on the replenishment and modernization of the Glonass fleet is being carried out by ISS-Reshetnev within the scope of the GLONASS Federal Target Program. Apart from modernized Glonass-M satellites, the company is building the next-generation Glonass-K satellite designed to have improved technical characteristics and an increased lifetime.