JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

JSC ISS proceeds with Yubileiniy-2

The JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems” has completed design documentation for the Yubileiniy-2 spacecraft.

Upon completion of the design documentation the JSC ISS proceeded to the manufacture of the satellite modules and assemblies. So far, the company has built the satellite framework and solar array sub-assembly.

Simultaneously, at the JSC ISS’s cooperating enterprises, the work on the satellite on-board equipment is in full swing. A number of equipment items for the altitude and orbit control system have been already completed. They are expected to be delivered to ISS Reshetnev in early December. Among these are gyroscopes, a magnetometer, sun- and earth-orientation sensors. The payload’s larger part is all new equipment which will get its first flight qualifications in space onboard the spacecraft.

Within the framework of the on-going project the ISS is being regularly visited by the representatives of the cooperating enterprises. Now a group of specialists from the Aerospace Vehicle Laboratory ROSTO (Kaluga) are expected to arrive at the ISS in late October to test the onboard radio complex that ROSTO has developed for the spacecraft.

Another project participant SIBSAU (Siberian State Aerospace University) is also engaged in the making of the satellite on-board equipment. Thus, a laser ranging retro-reflector has been designed and successfully assembled by SIBSAU students. Besides, the University has established a Scientific and Educational Center (SEC) for students to get experience of making satellite elements. After the SEC is tooled up with the necessary machinery, the JSC ISS is going to transfer some of the Yubileiniy-2’s component production operations to the SIBSAU’s Center.