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The 40th anniversary of the “Orbit” TV broadcasting network based on the NPO PM “Molnia” satellites

On the we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the “Orbit” TV network official start-up, that worked with the soviet communication satellite “Molnia-1” by NPO PM production.

The first communication spacecraft “Molnia-1” were developed at the Industrial design bureau (OKB-1) under S. Korolev’s leadership. The first satellite was orbited in 1965. In late 1965 the spacecraft production was transferred to NPO PM (former KBPM) headed by M. Reshetnev. The first NPO PM “Molnia” was injected into high elliptical orbit in May 1967. The spacecraft configuration and its onboard system revealed progressive engineering and technical solutions. In 1967 they created the first united communication and TV broadcasting system “Orbit” with on-ground stations named the same way and the spacecraft “Molnia” as a basis of the system. This way more than 20 million people in distant regions of the Soviet Union became able to watch central TV programs, use radiotelephony and telegraphy.