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Gonets-M satellites delivered to cosmodrome

Three Gonets-M satellites, built by ISS-Reshetnev Company, have been safely shipped to the Plesetsk launch site.

The personal communications satellites Gonets-M №18, 19, 20 have been brought to the cosmodrome by a cargo aircraft IL-76. ISS-Reshetnev’s technical team prepared satellites for shipment and kept a close eye on them during their journey from the company’s facilities to the cosmodrome. Delivery of satellites went as planned and now they are being readied for launch which is scheduled to take place in early July.

Gonets-M №18, 19, 20 are to augment the orbital constellation of the multifunctional personal satellite communications system Gonets which currently has six spacecraft, but is designed to comprise twelve low-orbiting satellites.

Gonets-M satellites have been developed and built by the Reshetnev Company as part of the Federal Space Program for the years 2006-2015. They are intended to provide communications in remote regions, in emergency-stricken areas, as well as assist in environmental and industrial monitoring.