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ISS-Reshetnev takes part in Crimean conference

ISS-Reshetnev Company co-organizes and participates in the XX International Scientific Conference on System Analysis, Control and Navigation which is taking place June 28 – July 5, 2015 in Evpatoria.

Representatives from leading aerospace companies, academic institutions and universities of Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and Italy gathered in Crimea to discuss how cutting edge aerospace technologies of today are currently developing and how they can be applied for the benefit of various science and technology domains.

One of the central issues that the conference participants focused on was the application of satellite-enabled information technologies and, particularly, those provided by the Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS in the fields of transportation, geology, construction and building industry.

ISS-Reshetnev specialists gave six presentations covering a broad range of topics such as the modernization of the GLONASS system’s space-based segment, increased capabilities of advanced multifunctional navigation satellites, and the promotion of satellite-based navigation technologies in Russia and abroad. The company representatives also spoke on issues connected with ballistic support and software for communications, navigation and geodetic satellites built by ISS-Reshetnev.