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ISS-Reshetnev hosted Chief designers’ council

The Chief designers’ council took place at ISS-Reshetnev’s facilities. The two-day event ended on March 4.

The Chief designers’ council is organized by ISS-Reshetnev to coordinate work and activities under the projects for the construction of communications, data relay, navigation and geodetic satellites where the company is the prime contractor.

This year the council brought together more than 120 directors of 42 cooperating companies, scientific institutions and customers. The council’s presidium was represented by Mikhail Khailov, deputy general director of the state corporation ROSCOSMOS and Sergey Buyev, head of a department at the Ministry of Defence.

The participants summed up the results of various activities implemented in 2015 to develop space-based complexes and systems. The most important achievements are the completion of in-orbit flight testing of the data relay system Loutch and the personal satellite communications system Gonets-D1M which are now in the process of commissioning into service.

The council participants also discussed the progress of work under communications, navigation, data relay and geodetic projects, as well as discussed various aspects of satellite construction, including quality assurance and the use of high-reliability components.

As part of the Chief designers’ council, ISS-Reshetnev executives held a meeting with Igor Komarov, general director of ROSCOSMOS and Alexander Golovko, space forces commander focusing of the implementation of the state defence procurement order in 2015 and further plans for 2016.