JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

JSC “Information Satellite Systems” is 50 years

the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems” celebrates its 50th anniversary.

More than 1200 satellites and over 40 space systems and complexes have been developed and manufactured by the ISS’s specialists for the last 50 years. Communication, navigation, geodesy, telecommunications and the country’s defence capability are all provided by spacecraft built at the JSC”ISS”. Nowadays the company’s success is recognized worldwide. Acting in close cooperation with leading Russian and foreign enterprises, the “Information Satellite Systems” is the key executor of Russian and international projects. Currently, it is carrying out the Federal Space Program, the GLONASS Federal Target Program and the Russian Defence Order.

A number of festive events have already taken place in Zheleznogorsk in the context of the company’s 50th anniversary, such as the city’s contest of children’s art, a festival of guitar poetry “Constellation -2009”, an exhibition of creative works “The Universe Unveiled by You” and a children’s contest “My space”. The JSC “ISS” has also participated in the organization of the 17th Research& Practice Conference for schoolchildren “Culture. Intellect. Science.”

On the eve of the anniversary day a number of activities were held in commemoration of the outstanding staff members celebrated in the history of the enterprise. Thus, memorial plaques were built into the walls of the houses, in which M.Reshetnev, K.Smirnov-Vasiliev, A.Vasiliev, V. Azarov and P.Tsybka lived.

On June 3, 2009 a solemn meeting was held to congratulate the best employees. 116 staff members were awarded medals of the Space Federation and 11 employees were honored with the titles “The ISS’s Inventor” and “The ISS’s Best Young Inventor”.

A grand meeting to commemorate the 50th anniversary will take place in the city’s Palace of Culture on June 4. Representatives of the local, state and regional authorities, large enterprises and space organizations, as well as the ISS’s top management team are expected to come to congratulate the staff members and present them with State and industry-sponsored awards and certificates of honour for the contribution made to the space industry.

On June 4-7, the ISS will be exhibiting large-scale mock-ups of the Glonass-M, GEO-IK and Loutch satellites for Zheleznogorsk citizens in the city’s recreation park.

In the context of the 50th anniversary a sports gala will be organized at the city’s central stadium on June 6. The ISS’s sportsmen are going to compete in football, volleyball, basketball and tennis. Funny sports activities are also planned for the ISS personnel’s children.