JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

51st anniversary of the Reshetnev Company

The Siberian satellite manufacturer “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems” celebrates its 51st anniversary on

In its history the company has developed and manufactured more than 1200 satellites and over 40 space systems and complexes for various applications (communications, data relaying, navigation and geodesy).

Today the Reshetnev Company occupies a leading position in the Russian space industry. Besides, the enterprise participates in international projects, and thus, is recognized worldwide. Currently, ISS-Reshetnev is carrying out the GLONASS Federal Target Program, the Federal Space Program for 2006-2015, the Russian Defense Order and a number of commercial projects.

Within the scope of the GLONASS Federal Target Program the Reshetnev Company is manufacturing modern Glonass-M spacecraft and the next-generation Glonass-K satellite which will have improved technical characteristics and a longer lifetime.

When two telecommunications satellites, Express-AM33 and Express-AM44 built by ISS-Reshetnev within the 2006-2015 Federal Space Program were successfully launched in orbit, the Russian Satellite Communications Company awarded another contract to the Reshetnev Company in 2009 for the manufacture of the heavy-class Express-AM5 and the Express-AM6 satellites.

Apart from that, ISS is currently manufacturing the Yamal-300K and the Yamal-401 telecommunications spacecraft for the Russian satellite operator “Gazprom Space Systems” as well as three geostationary data relay spacecraft of the Loutch series (Loutch-5A, Loutch-5B and Loutch-4) and two GEO-IK-2 geodesy satellites. Besides, the company is engaged in the Cosmos-CX earth remote sensing satellite project.

ISS-Reshetnev’s unique production and experimental facilities, advanced technologies and highly-qualified personnel allow the leading Russian company to develop and manufacture modern spacecraft in compliance with international standards. Today the enterprise is building the AMOS-5 satellite for the Israeli operator SPACE-COMMUNICATION LTD. and the TELKOM-3 satellite for the Indonesian operator PT Telekomunikasi Tbk. Besides, ISS-Reshetnev keeps bidding for Russian and foreign contracts.