JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Electronic components for ISS-Reshetnev spacecraft

A seminar on the application of electro-radio components in satellite production took place at Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems.

Spacecraft’s in-orbit performance depends on the quality and reliability of onboard electronics used. In ISS-Reshetnev electro-radio components are high on the agenda. Unlike electronics used in other industries, space parts must feature enhanced properties, with most critical ones being increased radio resistance to the space environment, and long service life.

Electronics reliability has a great impact on how long a satellite will carry out its mission in orbit. “The company designs and builds spacecraft with a 15-year active lifespan. Their unfailing performance rests upon the quality of electronics and advanced design solutions. Above all, it is onboard electro-radio instruments, that make up about 70% of spacecraft’s systems”, says Yury Maximov, deputy director general for quality management.

In an effort to ensure high levels of satellite reliability, the Reshetnev Company closely cooperates with enterprises supplying electro-radio components. Last week Petersburg Electronic Company representatives visited Information Satellite Systems. The company distributes electro-radio components manufactured by leading foreign suppliers in the Russian market. These components are used by both ISS-Reshetnev and other spacecraft manufacturers. “The Reshetnev Company leads the way, as it sets standards for electronics application in satellite production, which are to be implemented within its structure, as well as in the industry as a whole”, said Andrey Gromadskikh, commercial director of Petersburg Electronic Company.

The electronics industry is constantly developing, bringing new solutions and products that enhance spacecraft capabilities. Seminars held on a regular basis are intended to help ISS-Reshetnev specialists to learn about new developments and choose the optimal variant considering quality and cost. A seminar of this kind was delivered by Petersburg Electronic Company representatives during their two-day stay in Zheleznogorsk. Over 40 ISS-Reshetnev experts from the design and engineering departments took part in the meeting. The two sides covered issues dealing with the quality of components, and discussed technical aspects of foreign electronics that can be used in the production of modern satellites.