JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

The Reshetnev Company specialists at MAI Lean-school

Academician M. F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems professionals are completing their training at Lean-school of Moscow Aviation Institute.

The training program designed for the Reshetnev Company by MAI’s specialists is aimed at the development of the small spacecraft mass production basic principles relating the similar experience of the management and experts of the Moscow Aeronautical Institute and the existing technological limitations in ISS. Based on these principles the Reshetnev Company professionals are developing the model for organizing series production.

The program of training included the modules of flow production concept, the analysis of the assembly process and spacecraft trials (with the preliminary timing and labor intensity estimation), the determination of the supply chain requirements and methods of quality ensuring and mass production reliability, project economics, capacity planning and in-plant logistics. In the frame of the training the Reshetnev Company specialists also accomplished an internship at the aircraft manufacturing enterprises in Komsomolsk-on-Amur.

At present the participants have started to prepare their final assessment works chosen in compliance with the individual subjects selected in accordance with the ISS production objectives and specialization of each trainee. The final qualification papers will be represented in Lean-school at the conclusive stage.

On accomplishing the training the participants will present the organization model of small satellites production to the enterprise management. To do the specialists’ program training which started in January this year is scheduled for June 11.