JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

A new page in the history of the enterprise

On June 4 Academician M. F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems celebrates its 62nd foundation date.

Throughout this period the Reshetnev Company specialists have developed about 1300 satellites on the basis of which more than 40 space systems and various purpose complexes have been set into operation. Being the pioneer in the field of the national navigation and data relaying, the enterprise still remains the only developer and manufacturer of this class spacecraft in Russia, it also confidently retains the position of the main supplier of telecommunications satellites.

The continuous development of the production and experimental base, the introduction of the advanced technologies and the latest equipment along with the maintaining of glorious traditions and heritage as well as highly qualified specialists allow ISS to be at the vanguard of the Russian space industry.

Today the most promising areas of the Siberian satellite building company are the development of large scale transformable structures and antennas, lightweight power structures, the perfection of the devise composition.

The important milestone in the recent history of the ISS Company will be the organization of the first serial production of small spacecraft at the site of the enterprise. Currently the Marafon multi-satellite system development is being carried out which involves the development and launch in the low Earth orbit of several hundreds of small satellites for the Internet of things services provision. The modern ISS assembly and testing site will become the place of microsatellites’ assembly and trials.

The deployment of the new orbital constellation will enable the Reshetnev Company to expand its presence on the space communications market and strengthen its position as the leader of the Russian satellite engineering.