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Acoustic tests on  Glonass- K successfully completed

ISS-Reshetnev has  completed acoustic verification tests on the dynamic model of its next-generation Glonass-K navigation satellite.

Ground experimental tests were carried out to verify the satellite’s tolerance to noise similar to that the spacecraft would encounter during launch. As it is reported by the company’s experts, all the tests have been successfully completed.

The next stage will involve testing the complete Glonass-K satellite for structural stability and resistance to vibration that the spacecraft will encounter during insertion.

The Glonass-K is an advanced navigation spacecraft being manufactured at ISS-Reshetnev’s satellite manufacturing facility in Zheleznogorsk, Siberia. Based on ISS-Reshetnev’s unpressurized platform the satellite has been designed to provide in-orbit services for 10 years. The launch of the first Glonass-K spacecraft is scheduled for 2010.