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Skills competition winners

Skills competition winners

Information Satellite Systems – Reshetnev Company announced winners of its professional skills competition devoted to the Engineering Workers Day.

The professional skills competition was held by ISS-Reshetnev Company on September 18-30 in accordance with standards and schedules specified by the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation. Skills and knowledge of more than 100 ISS-Reshetnev employees were put to the test as they competed in two engineering and eight working skills categories. The competences covered included “Prototyping”, “Engineering graphics CAD”, “Electronics”, “Welding technology”, “Bench work”, “Milling work”, “Lathe work” on CNC machines.

On September 30 the winners of the competition were selected and announced in three age categories: under 26, under 34, 35 years and above. Best professionals in each skill category were awarded certificates of merit, certificates of honour and prize money. Winners aged under 26 and under 34 will have an opportunity to represent ISS-Reshetnev Company in the industry-wide competitions based on WorldSkills standards – the Corporate Championship of the Rocket and Space Industry “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS-2018” – if they are selected and approved by the contest experts.

Winners in team all-around were also announced. The first place in working skills categories was due to the department of ground products and instruments, and the department of satellite and payload module engineering design was chosen as the best among teams competing in engineering skills categories.