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Future of satellite communications discussed at SATCOMRUS conference

ISS-Reshetnev Company, as a title partner, participated in the 14th International Conference for Operators and Users of Russia’s Satellite Communications Network SATCOMRUS-2019.

The SATCOMRUS-2019 conference took place in St Petersburg on October 3. Every year it provides a platform for discussing current trends and future of satellite communications in Russia and brings together leading figures, including Russian and foreign satellite service providers, TV and radio broadcasters, satellite builders and telecom equipment suppliers, underwriters and financial experts. The conference is organized and held by RSCC – Russian Satellite Communications Company, one of the key customers of ISS-Reshetnev Company.

In this year’s edition of the conference the main focus was on satellite communications and digital economy. The conference attendees discussed a wide range of topics covering the development of telecommunications and space industries in Russia, the capabilities of Russian companies to develop and build payloads for Russia’s orbital fleet, as well as the ways services provided by satellites in geostationary and low orbits (many of which were manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company) can be further improved and more widely used in various fields.