JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Increased capabilities for testing aerospace materials

ISS-Reshetnev Company has added a new vacuum chamber to its extensive experimental facilities.

The new testing equipment has a volume of 0.6 cubic meters and was built as part of the Millimetron research project. It will be used for conducting thermal vacuum tests on material samples which are intended for the space observatory.

The chamber is capable of simulating not only the high vacuum environment, but extremely low temperatures of deep space (minus 268.5° C) as well.

The space observatory Millimetron is designed to operate at extremely low temperatures. Its structures has to be cooled down in order to reduce thermal noise and prevent heat emitted by the satellite’s equipment from distorting and affecting signals coming from deep space objects.

The new vacuum chamber was built by one of the companies that are part of the ISS-Reshetnev’s integrated corporate structure – NPO PM Small Design Bureau.

The space observatory Millimetron is being built within the framework of Russia’s Federal Space Program. It is designed to study various deep space objects covering the millimeter and infrared spectral ranges.

In this project ISS-Reshetnev Company is responsible for the manufacture of the telescope’s structure 10 meters in diameter, assembly and testing of the onboard complex of science instruments.