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Best inventors selected at ISS-Reshetnev Company

ISS-Reshetnev Company decided on the winners of its annual inventive work competition.

This year’s edition of the company’s annual inventive work competition has brought together more than 20 departments competing in four categories.

Among all ISS-Reshetnev departments taking part in the inventive work competition, the design department of mechanical devices and spacecraft mechanisms came in top place. People working at this department had applied for 13 new inventions and for seven other inventions (previously submitted) had already obtained favourable decisions from the Federal Agency for Intellectual Property.

One of ISS-Reshetnev employees working at this winning department, Stanislav Nemchaninov, has been also named as the “Best young inventor”. Within the previous year he had applied for seven inventions and obtained two favourable decisions from the Federal Agency for Intellectual Property for other inventions he had applied for earlier.

An invention “Method of producing thin-wall waveguides rectangular in section” has been announced the winner in the category “Best invention”. The competition jury took into consideration its novelty, high relevance and applicability to ISS-Reshetnev’s production of satellite payloads.

The winner in the “Best patent research” category became a research work made by a large team of ISS-Reshetnev specialists and dedicated to the design and development of a completely new type of satellites.