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ISS-Reshetnev’s awards for building professionals

Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company, congratulated builders on their professional holiday.

At the ceremony Nikolay Testoyedov presented eight representatives of the Chief Military Construction Directorate №9 with Honorary Certificates and Letters of Gratitude for their active participation and contribution to building new production facilities for ISS-Reshetnev Company. Apart from that, two representatives of these building organizations were awarded Mikhail Reshetnev Medals instituted by the Russian Cosmonautics Federation. The medals went to Alexey Romanishin, head of the Chief Military Construction Directorate №9, and Vadim Vygulyarniy, head of the Chief Military Construction Directorate №8, in recognition of their services for the country’s space industry.

The two building organizations, the Chief Military Construction Directorate №9 and №8, have made profound contribution to the development and building of new production facilities of ISS-Reshetnev Company – Russia’s leading satellite manufacturer. Among the objects most recently commissioned at ISS-Reshetnev Company and built by the Chief Military Construction Directorate №9 and №8, there is the Integration and Test Facility. The largest facility of ISS-Reshetnev, it is expected to enable to company to bring the process of satellites production and testing to a whole new level.

The second phase of the Integration and Test Facility (which will house three specialized work stations and areas dedicated to satellite testing – an acoustic chamber, a thermal vacuum chamber and a vibration test bed) is currently under construction along with a new facility dedicated to the antennas and antenna feeder devices. The Chief Military Construction Directorate №9 and №8 also continue cooperating with ISS-Reshetnev Company carrying out modernization of its operating facilities and buildings.