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Reconstruction of Antenna Field

Reconstruction of Antenna Field

ISS-Reshetnev Company began reconstruction of its Antenna Field site dedicated to the control of Russia’s scientific, communications and remote Earth sensing satellites.

The effort is to more than double the number of satellite ground control systems that will help the company to get the most out of satellites’ performance and ensure data and service continuity.

During reconstruction, 13 additional antenna pylons will be installed. Apart from that, a new building will be built to accommodate the control room, necessary equipment and personal work stations.

The area will be upgraded as part of the program “Reconstruction and modernization of ISS-Reshetnev’s ground infrastructure including facilities dedicated to communications satellite control, remote Earth sensing data acquisition and processing” approved by the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation.

Preparations are now run at the site for the installation of two antenna stations: one of which is dedicated to the reception of remote Earth sensing data while the other is tasked with the reception and processing of COSPAS-SARSAT distress signals. At the same time the workers are constructing embankments in the adjacent territory – the total area of the Antenna Field site will almost triple.