JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Audit of NPO PM quality management system

, the Reshetnev Association of applied mechanics (NPO PM) undergoes inspection of its quality management system (QMS).

According to the results of SSCA (space systems certificate authority) inspection in 2005 NPO PM quality management system got the certificate of its conformance to the R ISO-9000 requirements for 2001. The certificate is valid within 5 years and needs to be conformed once a year. Therefore a group of SSCA experts was working at NPO PM from January 29 till February 2.

SSCA team planned to examine effectiveness of work of NPO PM quality management system. According to the SSCA inspection results NPO PM conformed its present QMS certificate and proved again its capability to create state-of-art spacecraft and meet the most severe market demands.

Among other missions SSCA had to consider certification of the 24th spacecraft related to “Glonass-M” family in order to prove its compliance with RFP and techniс specifications. The satellite will be orbited within the spacecraft block # 38 this year. The inspection resolution was a possible certification of the satellite in case it succeeds in its integrated electric and radio tests.

NPO PM quality management system is a complex of company’s standards, which defines its policy and targets to provide high quality production, which also determines liability sharing for all participants of the process.