JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

NPO PM at the Moscow Aerospace Show (MAKS-2007). Summing up the results

Being a leading company of the Informational Satellite Systems’ (ISS) integrated structure, the Reshetnev’s NPO PM on the took part in the VIII International Aerospace Show - MAKS-2007. Our delegation was led by General Designer and General Director of NPO PM N. Testoyedov.

NPO PM is a regular participant of the International Aerospace Show which is held in Zhukovsky, a district near Moscow. This year was the first time when NPO PM took part in the exhibition as a leading company of the “ISS” which is being structurally integrated. And it was for the first time in the history of the Show that NPO PM has represented a spacecraft’s model with the scale of 1:1. As to the number of the participants and the guests, the MAKS-2007 beat all records of the previous shows in Zhukovsky.

A full-scale model of the spacecraft belonging to a new generation of spacecrafts – GLONASS-K, being developed and produced by NPO PM, was in the center of the united exposition of the Federal Space Agency (FSA) and in the focus of attention of all specialists and guests of the show. At the pavilion of the FSA our company also represented the following models of the spacecrafts: the telecommunications satellite EXPRESS-AM33 (1:10) which is to provide connection services all over the territory of the Russian Federation; EXPRESS-AT (1:10) which was developed on the basis of a high-powered platform EXPRESS-2000; the models of the perspective data-relay satellite LOUTCH-5A (1:10) and GONETS-M (1:5) which is to transmit digital data, provide e-mail services, give information concerning user terminals’ positioning with the help of GPS/GLONASS systems.

At the exposition site of the Space Forces Department the Reshetnev’s NPO PM demonstrated the models of navigation spacecrafts: GLONASS-K and GLONASS-M (1:10).

On the first working day of the exhibition the exposition of the JSC “ISS” was visited by the President of the Russian Federation , Vladimir Putin and his first vice-premier Sergey Ivanov. The first person of the country was mainly interested in the full-scale model of GLONASS-K which is to modernize the Russian Global Navigation Satellite System GLONASS.

During the work of the Moscow International Aerospace Show the delegation of “ISS” led by the General Designer and General director of NPO PM carried on negotiations and held several official meetings where the questions of cooperation development were discussed with the representatives of such well-known companies as “Thales Alenia Space”, “Intersputnik”, “EADS Astrium” (Germany), “MDA” (Canada). Also the meeting with the representatives of Saudi Arabia was held in Zhukovsky. Nicolay Testoyedov as well participated in the meeting of the head of the Kazakhstan National Space Agency Talgat Musabaev and the head of the Federal Space Agency of the Russian Federation, Anatolij Perminov. The representatives of the Kazakhstan delegation visited the NPO PM’s exposition too.

The exposition of the JSC “ISS” was represented by the members of the integrated structure: JSC “Geofizika-Cosmos”, JSC “Siberian Devices and Systems”, JSC “Polyus”, JSC “NPO PM - Razvitie”, JSC “Kvant”. All of them have demonstrated their achievements in the sphere of space technologies.