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Altimeter for a geodetic satellite

An altimeter which represents one of the Geo-IK-2 geodetic satellite payload’s main instruments has been delivered to ISS-Reshetnev Company.

The Sadko-3 altimeter which has recently arrived to the Reshetnev Company’s facilities in Zheleznogorsk is intended for the Geo-IK-2 №13 geodetic satellite. It is used to measure height of the satellite above the sea surface. These measurements can be later used to refine the State System of Geodetic Earth Parameters, which is the main task of the Geo-IK-2 satellite mission.

The Sadko-3 altimeter was designed, produced and delivered to ISS-Reshetnev Company by its long-standing partner – Thales Alenia Space France. A joint team of TAS France and ISS-Reshetnev has already carried out incoming inspection and component testing of the altimeter, which verified the instrument’s proper working condition after long-term transportation from one country to another. Now the Sadko-3 altimeter is ready for installation on the Geo-IK-2 №13 satellite.