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Development of the Gonets-D1M communications system

Development of the Gonets-D1M communications system

ISS-Reshetnev Company has been chosen to develop a modernization project for the Gonets-D1M Multifunctional Personal Satellite Communications System.

As part of the contract signed with JSC "Satellite System "GONETS", ISS-Reshetnev Company will prepare a preliminary design for the Gonets-D1M system's new space complex.

The modernization is aimed to improve the technical and operational characteristics of the system. Core of the system's orbital constellation will be represented by next-generation Gonets-M1 satellites, which are also being developed by ISS-Reshetnev Company. The number of satellites in the space segment will be increased from 12 to 28 satellites, and it will help to boost the performance and capabilities of the whole system. Moreover, new satellites will have an increased active lifespan (10 years instead of 5) and additional channels in the S-band.

The preliminary design of the Gonets-D1M system's space complex is planned to be completed by 2022.

The Gonets-D1M system is designed to provide high-quality telephony services in the territory of Russia, as well as data communications around the globe, including subpolar regions and the Far North, where no ground cellular network options currently exists.