JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems
ISS-Reshetnev Company celebrates its 50th anniversary

JSC “ISS” celebrates 50th anniversary

A succession of festivities commemorating the 50th anniversary of the JSC “Academician M.F. Reshetnev “Information Satellite Systems” culminated in the grand meeting, which took place on Important visitors and specially invited guests arrived to congratulate the Siberian satellite-manufacturer on the great occasion.

Nikolai Testoedov, the ISS general designer and director general, opened the grand meeting with the keynote speech. He congratulated the company’s personnel on the 50th anniversary and noted that the tasks set by the Federal Space Program, the GLONASS Federal Target Program and the Government’s Defence Order were being successfully performed due to the use of the enormous scientific and technological potential accumulated by the JSC “ISS” over its 50-year history.

In his congratulatory speech Anatoly Perminov, the head of the Russian Federal Space Agency, stated: ‘Today the JSC “ISS” is getting actively involved into international cooperation, and we are lending significant assistance to the enterprise to support it in this direction’. Anatoly Perminov expressed his best wishes for the company’s further success and development for the benefit of the national space industry.

Another special guest to make a speech was Reynald Seznec, president and CEO of Thales Alenia Space, the ISS’s partner company for the last 15 years. Reynald Seznec spoke of the successfully-implemented joint projects and expressed his hope for the extension of cooperation between the two companies for the benefit of Russian and foreign customers.

During the grand meeting a great many congratulations were received from the representatives of the local, state and regional authorities and top managers of Russia’s largest space enterprises. The company’s best employees were honored with State and industry-sponsored awards and certificates of honour from the regional and local authorities for the contribution made to the space industry.

The grand meeting ended with the dance performance given by the M.Godenko Krasnoyarsk State Academic Dance Ensemble of Siberia.