JSC Academician M.F. ReshetnevInformation Satellite Systems

Express-103 project progress

ISS-Reshetnev Company is conducting acceptance testing of solar arrays for the Express-103 communications satellite.

ISS-Reshetnev experts jointly with the representatives of the customer are carrying out inspection of the assembly work on the Express-103 satellite’s solar arrays, including all interfaces, electrical parameters measurement. Additionally, solar arrays deployment tests are also being run on the satellite body simulator.

Successful completion of acceptance tests of solar arrays guarantees stable and reliable operation of the whole satellite in orbit.

Each solar array wing of the Express-103 satellite has an area of 18 square meters. They use high efficiency photovoltaic cells to provide electric energy to the satellite during its 15-year lifespan.

Express-103 is being built by ISS-Reshetnev Company to augment Russia’s national orbital constellation and provide a comprehensive range of telecommunications services. The satellite is currently undergoing thermal vacuum tests and nearing completion.