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Advanced clean rooms under construction at ISS-Reshetnev

The installation of wall and ceiling systems has begun at ISS-Reshetnev’s Assembly, Integration and Test facility which is currently under construction at its site.

The preparation of clean rooms is one of the key stages in the AI&T facility’s construction project. Once wall and ceiling systems are mounted, the building will be almost ready for commissioning.

One third of these clean rooms’ area will be occupied by an anechoic chamber. Here the radio wave absorbing material has already being installed. The anechoic chamber is designed to help carry out high frequency tests on satellites and their components. It will be the largest and the most technologically advanced chamber among other equipment of this type available at ISS-Reshetnev.

The rest area of the clean rooms will be covered with special metal panels with an antistatic coating to ensure their dustproof properties. The panels have special structure that enables to provide the highest possible degree of airtightness at the joints between them. The required parameters of air cleanliness and humidity will be maintained with the help of climate control systems which are also being currently installed in the building.

The Assembly, Integration and Test facility will house several departments dedicated to the assembly and testing of satellites, and its state-of-the-art equipment will help ISS-Reshetnev Company to bring its production capabilities to a whole new level.

Phase 1 of the new building is due to be completed in 2016.