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36 top SibSAU students selected to take part in a small satellite construction project

Founder of the Siberian space industry

On the , within the terms of the XI International science conference “Reshetnev’s lectures” NPO PM General designer and General director Nickolay Testoedov jointly with the heads of SSAU, Krasmash and Krasnoyarsk Scientific Center of the Russian Science Academy signed the Agreement of strategic partnership. The agreement foresees co-operative building of student satellites.

The four parts agreement relating to strategic partnership was signed at the end of the plenary session. The student scientific-and-educational small satellites will be produced by the specialists form NPO PM, Krasnoyarsk machine-building plant, Krasnoyarsk scientific center of the Russian Science Academy jointly with the specialist and students of the Siberian State aerospace University.

The target of the project is to create a scientific-and-technological basis for development and production of compatible space technologies of a new generation, which could be of military, scientific and commercial usage. Besides that the common work will help to improve the system of personnel training for the rocket-and-space enterprises, which is to be provided by structural integration of high technologies manufacture, education and science.

In the process of the project realization a number of science-and-technological, technique and educational questions are to be solved. NPO PM in its turn has taken responsibility for research-and-development works, engineering and practical work of the students, scientific direction, requirement for development of service subsystems and spacecraft production. At the conference it was unveiled that the University had already chosen 36 students of the 3rd - 5th year courses. They will participate spacecraft design, production and test works. The first spacecraft of Krasnoyarsk is planned to launch in 2009.