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The spacecraft “Express-AM33” is at Baikonur

On , the specialists of Reshetnev NPO PM accomplished pre-delivery works for the satellite “Express-AM33” to be transported to Baikonur on 3 January, as scheduled. Now there’s a NPO PM team carrying out the pre-launching works at Baikonur cosmodrome.

The spacecraft “Express-AM33” was created in the shortest time. It is equipped with Ku-, C- and L-bands transponders and differs from other “Express-AM” satellites in higher output power and new antennas. The new spacecraft launch mass is 2600 kg, lifetime – 12 years. The satellite mission is to provide communication, TV & radio broadcasting, multimedia and data transmitting, mobile official call service.

The telecom satellite “Express-AM33” is being produced by NPO PM in cooperation with Thales Alenia Space under the State contract with Roskosmos, Ministry of Information Technologies and Russian Satellite Communication Company.

 “Express-AM33” is scheduled to be launched on January 28, 2008.