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The Youth Prize awarded to ISS-Reshetnev employee

One of ISS-Reshetnev Company’s employees received the Youth Prize awarded by the Administration of Zheleznogorsk.

Vladimir Bolgov, who works at ISS-Reshetnev Company as an engineer in the department of antenna systems development and payload assembly, got this award in recognition of his achievements and commitment to work at the company. In 2018 he confirmed his high status as a professional having won the III Industrial Championship “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS”. In addition to that, Vladimir Bolgov took an active part as an expert in a federal competition “Umnik” run by the Innovation Promotion Fund.

The award giving ceremony took place at the Administration of Zheleznogorsk on December 27, 2018. Ten citizens of Zheleznogorsk were announced winners of the Youth Prize for their active work and service supporting social and economic development of the town. In 2018 a total of 58 candidates applied for the prize competition.