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Skill excellence awards go to ISS-Reshetnev

Skill excellence awards go to ISS-Reshetnev

ISS-Reshetnev Company held a special prize-giving ceremony to honour its employees who had earned numerous awards at the Industry and Pan-Russian Skills Excellence Championships.

Results of the two major championships “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS – 2020” and WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020 were announced in October of 2020, but taking into account high burden of COVID-19 coronavirus it was decided to postpone the ceremony. Eventually it took place on February 2, 2021 and was attended by some 60 ISS-Reshetnev employees, including the championships’ contestants, experts and the company’s top management.

The ceremony opened with a speech given by Nikolay Testoyedov, general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company, “We achieved top results owing to our unique mix of brainpower, expertise, skill proficiency, ambitions and commitment. The company itself, the rocket and space industry, our town and the whole Krasnoyarsk region give you support and help you achieve your very bold aspirations in such an important and complicated work”.

At the “Young professionals of ROSCOSMOS – 2020” championship ISS-Reshetnev team earned 14 medals, including gold, silver and bronze ones, and became the cup holder three straight times. At the WorldSkills Hi-Tech 2020 National Championship ISS-Reshetnev team represented the ROSCOSMOS State Corporation and won eight silver and one bronze medals.