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Coordinate measuring machine

A new production complex has been recently commissioned in Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems. It is intended for machining and measuring of large-sized parts of spacecraft based on the heavy-class Express-2000 platform.

The production complex includes a machine tool delivered by a Spanish company Soraluce and a coordinate measuring machine by Nikon Metrology. The new equipment is installed in ISS-Reshetnev’s production department of spacecraft assemblies and systems.
Soraluce machine tool is a special order item, manufactured for the Reshetnev Company with regard to particular properties of spacecraft parts. It can be applied for large-scale machining of structures up to 10 meters long. The new equipment is more advanced than the currently available one, as it offers more high-speed and high-quality machining. The first structure that has been processed by this tool is the EQM of a honeycomb panel intended for the Express-AM5 spacecraft. As of today, this structure, being over 5 meters long and about 3 meters wide, is the largest part of the satellite.

Having completed the machining of the honeycomb, ISS-Reshetnev specialists checked the physical geometrical characteristics of the part using the coordinate measuring machine. This unique equipment enables measuring medium- and large-sized parts with accuracy to 4.5 microns.

It is expected that the recently-delivered production complex will significantly streamline the manufacture of large-sized spacecraft’s structures – one of the most marketable technological solutions both in Russia and abroad.