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Galvanizing workshop under construction

Reshetnev Company continues construction of its new galvanizing workshop

Within the framework of its ambitious reconstruction and re-equipment program ISS-Reshetnev continues to build new production areas.

When equipped with state-of-the-art machinery the new galvanizing workshop will enable the company to speed up the satellite manufacturing process. Upon its completion, ISS-Reshetnev will get the opportunity to implement high technologies and provide advanced, eco-friendly labor conditions for the personnel.

So far, the contractor has erected the metal frame of the building and is currently busy completing the facing work, installing the roof, paneling columns, laying out cables, bricking personal service rooms and installing aeration skylights. First deliveries of modern equipment for balancing and commissioning operations are expected in October 2010, which will allow the company to reach a new level of production in the shortest period of time.

The galvanizing workshop has been designed to meet environmental requirements regarding waste treatment and disposal, including recycling and hazardous waste neutralization, and will be absolutely safe for the environment. The new facility is scheduled for completion in 2011.