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Newest Gonets satellites now in service

A trio of Gonets-M satellites which was launched into orbit on March 31 earlier this year and completed the orbital constellation of the multifunctional personal satellite communications system Gonets-D1M has finally gone into service.

Once Gonets-M satellites (Gonets-M №21, Gonets-M №22 and Gonets-M №23) arrived to their intended orbital location, they were thoroughly flight-tested: ISS-Reshetnev specialists verified that all systems of the satellites were performing as designed. Now the satellites are fully operational.

Forming the core of the Gonets-D1M multifunctional system, ISS-Reshetnev-made Gonets-M satellites provide secure mobile communications and data transmission services in remote and hard-to-reach regions, including the Far North; as well as support industrial, ecological and transport tracking and monitoring. These satellites are also used to transmit navigation data in areas where there is no GSM coverage.

The multifunctional personal satellite communications system Gonets-D1M provides services to various government, commercial and individual users. The system which consists not only of ISS-Reshetnev-made Gonets-M satellites but also ground stations and user terminals, is expected to reach its full operational capability by 2015.

Today the space-based segment of the system is represented by 12 Gonets-M satellites. They are small-class satellites designed for a 5-year lifespan.