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ISS-Reshetnev employees elected for the town recognition board

Portraits of three ISS-Reshetnev Company employees will be showcased on the electronic recognition board of Zheleznogorsk.

Three ISS-Reshetnev Company employees – Valery Brailo, Andrey Solovyov and Anastasia Chernyatina – among other 20 citizens of Zheleznogorsk will be included in the town’s electronic recognition board for their achievements and outstanding contributions to the company’s success. The recognition board can be found on the official website of the Zheleznogorsk Administration.

Valery Brailo, computer-aided production control systems engineer at the department of ground products and instruments, joined ISS-Reshetnev Company in 2009. He supervises projects dedicated to the production process automation. Valery Brailo is taking an active part in the development and implementation of a planning system that provides updates on all activities and work running at his department and its related units.

Andrey Solovyov, deputy head of the department for electrical and radio testing of spacecraft and systems, has been working at ISS-Reshetnev Company for 10 years. He was actively involved in testing of the majority of ISS-Reshetnev’s satellites. Andrey Solovyov made substantial contributions to the development of methods and improvement of testing satellites and their onboard instruments which helped reduce testing time for 30%, increase effectiveness and accuracy of check outs.

Anastasia Chernyatina, head of sector at the materials science and engineering department, is one of ISS-Reshetnev’s leading specialists in the field of development and production of thermal control and radio resistant coatings for space applications. She joined ISS-Reshetnev Company in 2001. Anastasia Chernyatina was awarded with a “ISS-Reshetnev inventor” sign. Many of the materials production technologies developed with the help of Anastasia Chernyatina are protected by patents with some currently being in patent pending.