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Antenna installation on Express-AM5

Academician M.F. Reshetnev Information Satellite Systems is mounting antennas on the telecommunications spacecraft Express-AM5.

Being an integral part of a satellite, antennas enable a spacecraft to fulfill its designated mission – receive and transmit data vital for users on the Earth. In fact, satellite’s reliability greatly depends on the receive/transmit instruments’ performance. Antennas’ proper operating, in its turn, depends not only on their quality, but also on the setting accuracy as well. The Ka-band antenna’s installation on the Express-AM5 satellite’s antenna panel is indeed a very demanding task, since it comprises ten feeders and a triple reflector.

Once deployed in orbit, the antenna will provide several coverage zones in the Far East. The higher frequency Ka-band spectrum and increased bandwidth will enable higher data rates compared with other frequency bands.

The multi-beam antenna was delivered by a Canadian company MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates. This firm is one of the world’s few top-tier Ka-band antenna suppliers.

The telecommunications satellite Express-AM5 will carry ten L-, C-, Ka- and Ku-band antennas. All of them will be installed on the spacecraft’s payload module structure by ISS-Reshetnev team.

Information Satellite Systems is building Express-AM5 for Russian Satellite Communications Company. The spacecraft is to offer high-quality communications and television broadcasting solutions to the entire territory of Russia.