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Express-A №2: a long-lived satellite

marks 15 years since the launch of the Express-A №2 telecommunications satellite which was designed and manufactured by ISS-Reshetnev Company.

The Express-A №2 satellite was designed with a 5-year active lifetime to provide communications, television and radio broadcasting, data transmission and Internet access services. As of today, this satellite continues carrying out its mission, thus having already exceeded the anticipated lifetime threefold.

Express-A №2 was built around a modification of one of ISS-Reshetnev’s unified pressurized platforms. The satellite’s payload consists of 12 active C-band and 5 active Ku-band transponders, and was provided by a European subcontractor Alcatel Espace (now Thales Alenia Space).

Successful launch and commissioning into service of the Express-A №2 satellite enabled the customer – the national operator RSCC (Russian Satellite Communications Company) to enter the global satellite communications market. Down the line it helped ISS-Reshetnev strengthen its corporate image and win new commercial contracts from both Russian and foreign customers.

Express-A №2 became the first ISS-Reshetnev-made geostationary satellite to have reached a 15-year milestone of in-orbit operations. This achievement proves the effectiveness of engineering solutions implemented in the Express-A №2 satellite construction project. Having undergone substantial modifications, many of them are used in satellites that ISS-Reshetnev Company builds today.