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ISS-Reshetnev Company at the European Navigation Conference

ISS-Reshetnev Company took part in the European Navigation Conference in Warsaw, Poland.

At the European Navigation Conference ISS-Reshetnev Company was represented by Sergey Revnivykh, deputy general director of ISS-Reshetnev Company for the Federal Target Program “GLONASS”, who delivered a paper on the current situation and future prospects of the GLONASS navigation system. He also spoke about the status and make-up of the system’s orbital constellation, work currently underway at ISS-Reshetnev on next-generation Glonass-K and Glonass-K2 satellites, the system’s development strategy and use of GLONASS-based services by people all over the world.

The space-based complex of the GLONASS system forms the core of Russia’s positioning, navigation and timing infrastructure. The space-based complex of the system represents an orbital constellation consisting of 26 satellites, 24 of which are active and are used as intended, i.e. provide global coverage of the Earth with navigation signals. One Glonass-K satellite undergoes flight tests, while one Glonass-M satellite is under study now (having already exceeded its designed lifespan in orbit). Next-generation navigation satellites that ISS-Reshetnev Company work on today will help increase performance and technical characteristics of the GLONASS system for the benefit of millions people worldwide who use its services.